fredag 23 oktober 2009

Studenter och anställda ockuperar universitet i Wien

Konflikten blossade upp pga av förhandlingar om nedskärningar vilket resulterade i att studenter tillsammans med personal på universitetet i Wien ockuperade dess största föreläsningssal. Idag rapporteras det att det befann sig 2 500 personer i föreläsningssalen och runt omkring.
[...]the reason why this was possible is that we just did it, with a few hundred people and with effective and fast mobilization, by sms, email lists and most of all, by running from lecture to lecture, introducing why we are doing this and inviting students to join.

within half an hour we had broken the margin of a thousand, speech contributions were given on the stage and first working groups were being formed. as the word spread thoughout the day, we grew in numbers, and more and more news from groups in other universities and departments about action meetings drippled in.

there is no central organization, and n permanent structure, but the degree of spontanous self organization is amazing. people that have never been involved in student political groups (or any other) are taking action and working their asses off, turning from more or less passively accepting their situation to being actors and organizers.

without taking the space that we are not given at the university this situation could not have been created. a few days ago almost every politically active student would have described the majority of students as politically apathetic and almost impossible to mobilize. with classical forms of action as a demonstration, this was probably a realistic assesment. but we have created and are constantly creating a different reality!

the time of endless negotiations with officials on one side and a few of us on the other, which usually end either in no results or empty promises, is over for now. if we negotiate again, we will do so much, much stronger!

of course there is a chance that the spirit of the moment can vanish in a few days (even though it doesn't look like that right now), but the number of new people and the feeling of power by overcoming our singularity will have long lasting effects.

the strategy that seems to cristalize now is to not move away from our rather long list of changes that we long for, rather rediscuss and enlarge it, but at the same time focus on a few requests that embody the central points of our struggle, including the resigning of the austrian minister of science, because with him in office none of our demands will be met.

we call on everybody everywhere to take similar forms of action, to move on from the particularity of single issues on single departments and to take and create the space needed for our self organization, because by ourselves we are nothing, together we are powerful![...]
Studenternas krav är följande enligt universitetets tidning:
"- Re-democratization and strengthening of co-and self-government in all educational institutions!
- Ausfinanzierung der Unis! - Funding out Unis!
- Selbstbestimmtes Lernen und Leben ohne Konkurrenz- und Leistungsdruck! - Self-determined learning and life without competition and performance pressure!
- Freie Masterzugänge! - Free Master Additions!
- Keine verpflichtende STEP! - No mandatory STEP!
- Abschaffung aller Bildungs- und Studiengebühren! - Abolition of all educational and tuition fees!
- Keine Aufnahmeprüfungen! - No exams!
- Unabhängige Lehre und Forschung! - Independent research and teaching!
- Schluss mit prekären Dienstverhältnissen für Lehrende, Angestellte und ArbeiterInnen! - No more precarious employment contracts for teachers, clerks and workers!
- Genug Studienplätze für alle! - Enough places for everyone!
- Abschaffung der Erweiterungscurricula! - Abolition of the enlargement curricula!
- Flexible und selbstbestimmte Studienpläne! - Flexible and self-study plans!"
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fredrik sa...

fantastiskt! grym text också. men var kom citatet ifrån alltså? jag ska slänga upp ngt, både på tusenpekpinnar och på insomnade

L. O. Kristoffer Ejnermark sa...


Citatet kommer från en artikel som skickats runt på email-listor, fick min från Revolutions mail-lista, men tror den kommer ursprungligen från "international students movement".

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